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Something Borrowed | August 10, 2021 (United States) Summary:
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SOMETHING BORROWED is a short comedy directed by Danny Donnelly and written by Aimee Theresa who is also one of the main actresses in the film.

The movie is a very simply structured piece about a group of friends who decide to use an engagement ring as a MacGuffin to get free drinks on a debauched night out before having to turn the ring over to the main character Angie’s (Aimee Theresa) brother so he can propose to his girlfriend.

Hijinks ensue and the ring takes center stage as it gets stuck on Angie’s finger, and she and her friends try their best to get the ring off while also concealing the evidence of their previous party from Angie’s brother and girlfriend.

All of the elements are there for a bog-standard comedy, and the film delivers on its premise despite some over-the-top acting (but hey, it’s a comedy) and uneven-at-times cinematography that makes certain parts feel more like a web series than a film. The club scene in this short film feels the most cinematic, which everything shot in the gorgeous beachfront apartment feels a little too crisp, bright, and sanitary.

My opinion on the script is that it’s tight and well handled with the jokes landing where they’re supposed to, and the complete arc of the story wrapped up nicely by the end of the slightly overlong fifteen-minute runtime.

Overall, SOMETHING BORROWED is a crowd pleaser and while it might not be the headline comedy act of short films, it’s certainly a strong opener.

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