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Directed by Molly Muse and co-written by Muse and frequent collaborator Britt Harris, GHOST TOWN is a horror short film that doesn’t skimp on the creepy location (filmed in an actual ghost town).

This fairly contained narrative focuses on two women (played by Muse and Harris) who are on their way back to an abandoned town where Harris’ character Fiona apparently took something from on a previous trip. Now cursed, she and Kimmi trudge back to the town to return the cursed item. Kimmi, the skeptic of the duo, does some snooping around while Fiona completes her quest, and by the end of the film, has to deal with the consequences of her own transgression in the town.

With some nice visuals by cinematographer Ian Stout, GHOST TOWN could have looked like nothing more than an episode of Ghost Hunters, but the authentic setting and the way it was shot (especially the outdoor scenes) really open this film up.

There are a couple things that stand out that could use some improvement. The turn against Kimmi at the end came pretty quickly, and the bird scene could use a second glance in the edit room, as it’s not quite feeling as realistic as I think the duo are capable of considering their last short film we reviewed (WRAP ME IN A SHEET). All in all, GHOST TOWN is another interesting watch from a filmmaker that so far has consistently impressed me with their storytelling and visuals.

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