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Dripping in sensuality, CABECEO from director Brian James Crewe is sizzling celluloid at its best.  While only a short film coming in just over eight minutes including credits, it gets right to the point and brings the hotness within the first minute.

A young woman out on the town with her friends for a bachelorette party bumps into a man at the club.  The music pounds and the energy between the two is palpable as they flirt back and forth.  Undeterred by the other women seeking to court the man she’s set her sights on, she waits to pounce like the sexy huntress she so clearly is. Her weapon is a passionate tango, and baby she can make anyone surrender to her.  Does she woo her man in the end?  You’ll have to see the flick to find out.

Crewe’s sound design for this film is an ASMR fans dream.  Every clink of a glass, pop of a cork, and rattle of an ice cube serves to heighten the emotional punch this movie delivers.

With little-to-no dialogue Crewe and his performers are able to tell a complete story with body movement alone.  The choreography is intense and sultry, well-shot, and the performers just seem so into the moment as each maneuver is executed with precision.

The soundtrack is obviously on point as are the other technical elements of this film.  Special attention should be paid to the lighting, which is fantastic and sets the mood perfectly as the movie progresses, utilizing strong reds, blues, and other hues to convey emotion and add depth to each scene.  There are a few areas camera-wise where I could be nitpicky, but I’m going to choose to look the other way as nothing was egregious enough to distract from the characters.

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