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We interview independent filmmakers, creators, and thought leaders from all over the world. Tune in to our weekly podcast live (video) or take us on the road with you (audio) to get the complete FilmSnobbery experience!

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FilmSnobbery Live!
FilmSnobbery Live!
FilmSnobbery Live! - Episode 116 - Catherine Corman

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About the show

Host Nic LaRue interviews filmmakers and provides commentary on the news and events surrounding the independent film industry.

With over a decade working in and out of Hollywood, Nic uses his experience working in front of and behind the camera to give tips and tricks to the next generation of filmmakers.

Whether you are in the process of writing or shooting your first film, or are a seasoned veteran of indie film, FilmSnobbery Live! is the perfect show to watch live or take with you on the go. Never taking itself too seriously, the show is a fun and light look into the business of show.

Meet the Hosts

Nic LaRue

Nic is the founder of FilmSnobbery and has been working in front of and behind the camera in the indie film industry for over a decade.


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